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Automated Data Capture Services

Automated Data Capture

Automated processing of identification and data capture is rapidly replacing its outdated predecessor in the form of manual data entry. This is not entirely just down to the improvements in speed it brings, but the accessibility that modern automated formatting creates for ease of storage, manipulation and subsequent distribution.

Despite the obvious advancements in data capture and its handling, many businesses are still relying on heavy human interaction to process it, a tedious and inefficient use of time and in particular for charitable organisations, precious resources.

It is perhaps on the issue of wasted resource that the true impact of automated vs. manual data capture comes into its own, with the vast majority of organisations both large and small experiencing significant improvements in processing speed and cost-savings upon switching to the modern methodology.

Traditionally the common transfer of text was a manual process, perhaps in part due to the obvious ease with which a document can be copied by hand but more precisely due to the perceived complexity that integrating an automated process brings with it.

Implementing an automated identification and data capture (AIDC) solution, however, can be as simple as switching to the right supplier, and Mosaic offer the complete automated data capture to meet this need.

*For the varying different types of AIDC and their function, Mosaic have pulled together a list of the solutions which you can read here.

Our Various AIDC solutions allow for typed or written text, image and even codes to be extracted from a document and processed into an accurate and secure digital representation, for later use against the original for verification and validation process and is done so in the fraction of a heartbeat, improving productivity, cost-effectiveness and even accuracy.

Whilst document scanning and capturing data is an evolving industry, with a vast array of physical scanning and digital data caption materials available, our solutions will remove all the fuss boiling it down to a simple process that selects the right application for your specific need.

Automated Data Capture

Mosaic are an ISO27001 accredited company, an operate our physical and digital environments to highest security and compliance standards. Our automated system solutions include:

  • Data Entry Services
  • Document Scanning with AIDC technology
  • Digital Design Consultation
  • Secure Document Handling and Storage
  • In-House IT support services
  • Online data management screens
  • Printed and Written text forms
  • GiftAid and preference acknowledgement text boxes

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