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Call Data Monitoring

Collating and analysing consumer data is often the starting point for many campaigns. Code redemption & click-through rates are established practices and call monitoring need not be any different when looking to enrich insights.

Call-Data Monitoring can be used to help with understanding of customer habits, purchasing patterns and brand perceptions, potentially turning your audience into a focus group to help drive future choices.

Making your call-data work for you starts with training and motivating your staff and Mosaic’s agents will become an extension of your business, with expert brand and product knowledge.

Through various scripting and performance metrics, our agents are refined into an effective workforce for our clients and through regular assessments deliver a quality culture that goes beyond a contact centre.

Mosaic provides call-data monitoring and agent call scoring as standard, helping in-turn our clients to enhance their call data sets and to optimise performance and strategy on the back of it.

Our contact centre adopts a quantitative and qualitative approach on every call received. Measuring account and agent performance in-line with customer interaction and refining the interaction for future exchanges.

Monitoring is more than gauging agent performance, its effective and efficiency studies that can directly bridge the gap between service, information gathering and consumer brand loyalty.

Mosaic’s contact centre is open seven-days-a-week and built as a resilient mission-critical environment with business continuity solutions ensuring zero downtime.

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