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Data Integration

Being able to handle data integration and management successfully has wide-reaching consequences for companies, their customers and the effective nature of any campaign undertaken.

Failure to adequately do so, and your business runs a very real and significant risk of damaging not just your reputation, but the future success of your sales & marketing campaigns.

Bespoke Integration allows for a specific, tailored purpose to be created allowing for existing systems to communicate and enriching the data through cleansing it and at returning accurate, up to date data.

Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions are delighted to be able to offer integration of, and from any web service, API, marketplace or third-party software into our innovative datahub technology and workflow management software.

Working with Mosaic and via our integration solutions, Mosaic is able to provide tailored user experiences, customised to each of our clients, in a single, user-friendly screen.

The Datahub technology infrastructure forms the backdrop to the entire Mosaic operation, allowing for bespoke data imports and customised workflows saving time, waste and money whilst improving wholesale performance.

Delivering actionable data and business insights requires a modern, hybrid data architecture to eliminate and reduce outstanding complexities. DataHub, not only supplies this but enriches the entire organisation.

Mosaic is proud to be recognised for our innovative approach to data, with reliability and exceptional performance bookending our service provision and providing real solutions that can benefit any mission-critical business process.

The technology and infrastructure employed at Mosaic, facilities best-of-breed solutions across all the disciplines provided by the business.

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Mosaic has provided dynamic outsourcing solutions since 2009. Our industry-leading combination of dedication towards, and innovation in state-of-the-art systems has delivered significant and measurable benefits across our broad range of clients.

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