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Running a truly successful direct mail (DM) campaign will see your organisation in whatever guise it comes, having to jump over many checkpoints to simply get from a to b, let alone reach its eventual finish point.

The point of a DM campaign is to deliver an up to date marketing message – this could be for example; a new product, or in the case of the not-for-profit, an emergency crisis appeal, so ensuring this material gets to the intended is paramount.

A huge area of focus for DM campaigns then rightly, is wastage, both in the physical and the monetary sense. But, keeping track of customer activity isn’t the easiest operation, particularly in terms of updating records and data security protocols.

Received, Gone-away, Dormant or Deceased understanding your customers status could be the make or break behind a DM campaign and being able to constantly update records will maximise the effectiveness of the campaign.

Outsourcing this requirement to Mosaic enables you access to our powerful gone away screenings, maximising campaign effectiveness, sending only what will be received saving considerable effort and managing returns processes.

Setting the return address to York House, means our facilities can handle and capture all relevant information including recipient, postcode and subsequent return data, before processing this into protected databases for future sends.

Allowing Mosaic to manage your DM campaigns will save time, reduce wastage, resolve storage concerns and save your organisation money, additionally, Mosaic is secured by the highest industry standards, boosting ISO27001, ISO9001 and PCI 3.2 accreditations.

With over 15 years in print & fulfilment, Mosaic understand what makes a successful campaign and with the added benefit of our unique datahub technology & contact centre can offer real-time insights, performance and actionable databases.

Mosaic’s investment into advanced mail, document, scanning and image processing systems, ensures operational excellence and fluidity, whilst our strict compliance accreditations cement customer security

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