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Complex Pick and Pack

Pick and pack is a crucial element in the order fulfilment supply chain and Mosaic, alongside our response handling, print and mail and fulfilment services have been successfully delivering results for clients of all shape and size for well over 10 years.

As a successful pick and pack supplier we are able to ensure products are handled with the utmost care, packaged responsibility and received by your customers in a timely and accurate manner, all whilst ensuring cost-efficiencies throughout.

For those more complex shipments, where more than one item is required to complete the order, Mosaic will let you tailor a storage and distribution solution that actually works for you saving you time, money and considerable stress.

Mosaic’s pick and pack services are system driven to ensure accuracy on every order. This, combined with our expertly trained staff, secure and modern facilitates and single-site storage and fulfilment facilities ensures complete business continuity.

Pick and pack is more than boxing items for shipment, it’s a visual touchpoint for your brand and its perceived quality. A badly packed, damaged or excessively wasteful box will do significant damage to your brand and customers’ expectations.

Additionally, the use of disproportionately large boxes has plagued retailers selling and fulfilling items via marketplaces for some time. With no direct control and an increasing consumer want for sustainability, its time to consider an alternative.

Sustainable packaging is offered throughout as Mosaic seeks to go plastic-free. In 2019, replacing plastic-void fill with recycled card from our cushion pack, shredder. A move that reduces waste but promises quality packing expectations.

Alongside sustainable packaging, Mosaic offers bespoke solutions for specific shipments and requirements, be in recycled, corrugated card for glass or die-cut make-up boxes, air-packed or chip filled, Mosaic can support your need.

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Mosaic has provided dynamic outsourcing solutions since 2009. Our industry-leading combination of dedication towards, and innovation in state-of-the-art systems has delivered significant and measurable benefits across our broad range of clients.

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