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No More Plastic Packaging

The global movement in the war against plastic, inspired by Blue Planet II back in 2017, has had an unparalleled impact on our everyday lives, with as many as 88% of us having dramatically changed our plastic habits since the documentary first aired.

Blue Planet II marks a watershed moment in altering our attitudes towards plastic – not just in our homes, but in our lifestyles and our general plastic perception. This brings increased pressure on retailers to adapt and to become ‘plastic-free’.

In recent times, we’ve seen major supermarket and restaurant chains announce plans to either eliminate plastic altogether or to significantly reduce plastic use. An example of this is the increased use of biodegradable straws over plastic ones, which has very much become the ‘new rule’, where once it was the exception to it.

Perhaps feeling the ‘plastic effect’ more than other industries is packaging, as it looks to satisfy both an ever-increasing demand for fast and effective fulfilment options, along with the desire for cost-effective, and sustainable packing solutions to be deployed.

The quality of the packaging received when we order online can have a direct effect on a retailer’s reputation, and not taking environmental concerns seriously hurting the lifetime value of customers. Excess waste, unnecessary plastic usage, and the use of disproportionately larger boxes have plagued retailers selling and fulfilling items via marketplaces for some time. And with an increasing number of buyers possessing a ‘plastic conscience’, now really is the time to consider an alternative.

Placing innovation and investment at the heart of our operation, Mosaic is pleased to announce another significant step towards us achieving our long-term goal of becoming 100% plastic-free with the implementation of our new ‘Cushion Pack, Cardboard Shredder’.

The Shredder enables Mosaic to satisfy environmental concerns by recycling old cardboard for re-use as corrugated wraps or additional chips within shipment boxes, which eliminates the need for bubble wrap whilst significantly reducing unnecessary packaging waste.

A plan is also in place to replace traditional plastic-padded envelopes with padded-paper mails and to use paper tapes instead of traditional plastic ones when sealing cartons – again bringing us another step closer to achieving our 100% plastic-free goal.

“Being able to provide sustainable packaging solutions with the same level of excellence and accuracy helps set Mosaic apart” – Duncan Marrison, Managing Director, Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions.

Mosaic takes great pride in providing a trusted and professional customer experience, and we are constantly enhancing our approach with new technology, staff training and ongoing client discussion.
For more information on our plastic-free initiatives and to see how our range of services can work for you contact Mosaic today.

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