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Print on Demand Services

What is Print on Demand?

Being able to print exactly what you want, in the precise quantities you require, exactly when you want it, and for it to be posted and received exactly when you expect was, not so long ago, a far-off dream for those utilising print in their marketing campaigns.

As technology has evolved so too have the principles of running any print campaign. Before, and for some still, the traditional route of buying and storing excess amounts of inventory was common practice. Many now consider this a wasteful approach with more often than not businesses being left with reams of unsold stock.

Print-on-demand (POD) has turned the supply/demand process full circle. As before it is your creative, copy and size only now the finished product will ONLY be produced once you’ve confirmed a sale.

The result: businesses are no longer required to buy and store costly excessive materials. For charities in particular POD represents the perfect combination of maximising every penny spent along with meeting the exacting standards of customer expectation.

Using POD guarantees flexibility that traditional print simply can’t. It allows for adaptive data processes to come into play and also for key copy edits to be made at the last moment all ensuring the perfect, stress-free alternative to traditional print – every time.

Mosaic is proud to be able to offer POD to our clients as a process that, through integrated technologies, means as soon as an order is made, we can process it, fulfil it, pack it and deliver it as required and all from under a single UK based roof. 

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