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Single Call Resolution

Resolving a customer need at the first time of asking is an essential requirement of the modern contact centre and a key metric in helping to measure the success of your agents and your customers’ satisfaction.

In ever-increasingly more competitive markets, failing to satisfy customer needs without the need for a follow-up call, could leave your business running the risk of losing not just the customer but in time, significant profitability.

Single (or First) Call Resolution is a powerful metric, get it right and it can help drive your agent’s performance, delivering improvement in the right areas and helping to support customer loyalty.

Measuring Single Call Resolution accurately, however, can be an expensive and complex task. On top of the outlay for adequate facilitates comes staffing, training and other unforeseen costs, factors many companies can’t afford.

Outsourcing these services however to Mosaic ensures your business has access to the latest technologies and a professional team of contact centre staff operating as an extension of your business.

As with each customer, each client has different requirements and recognising this enables Mosaic to build a bespoke solution geared towards providing added quality and insights that can take your business forward.

We employ various call & performance metrics, regular product and brand training, call-recording and cross-sale promotions, ensuring Single Call Resolution is possible on each of your customers calls.

Our contact centre is open seven days a week, and built as a resilient mission-critical environment, with business continuity solutions in place ensuring zero downtime.

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