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Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Variable data printing (VDP) is a digital, on-demand solution that enables full customisation of each individual piece. From basic text to complex graphic and imagery, VDP promises campaign flexibility delivered on budget.

Instead of producing thousands of copies of a single, generic, catch-all piece of literature, VDP enables a dynamic, customisable version to be produced and received that’s significantly harder to ignore.

Through the personalisation of a letter, be it a name, address or for a specific crisis appeal campaign. VDP allows for small changes to be made and for your direct mail campaign to achieve its maximum potential.

VDP enables companies invested in delivering direct mail campaigns to send specific documentation, to a specified individual and on a mass scale, not only Increasing open rates but reducing print, storage and waste costs.

Delivering significant cost-benefits and uplifts versus traditional, non variable campaign performance, variable data printing is a supercharged form of on-demand printing, proven to work time, and time again.

Variable data print solutions allow for differing complexities to be brought forward from basic mail-merge type adaptations to pre-set market-specific (or campaign) segmentation, ensuring project unity and effectiveness.

Utilising data brought in from any source and storing it securely through protected digital environments, VDP lets clients make subtle or wholesale changes to a draft with little to no effect on the project’s workflow.

Mosaic can receive your customer data in any format and through our significant investment in leading hardware and print management technology, support and optimise your direct mail campaigns and VDP requirements.

Our digital mailroom supports data brought in from any source and is built on the back of vast experience in complex short-run & personalised digital print.

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